Avalution Consulting Releases Live Incident Management and Bullhorn Emergency Notification Features for Catalyst Business Continuity Software

Cleveland, OH – September 19, 2013

Avalution Consulting – a leading provider of business continuity consulting and software solutions – announced today the release of two new features for the Catalyst business continuity software suite – live incident management and Bullhorn emergency notification.

“We’re thrilled about the release of this new functionality! From analysis and plan development to managing live events and notifying stakeholders, Catalyst does it all,” explains Rob Giffin, Director of Technology for Avalution. “Bottom line, Catalyst is an all-in-one business continuity software suite that is powerful, affordable, and, most importantly, will produce results!”

Bullhorn Emergency Notification
Bullhorn allows users to send emergency notifications to contacts via email, text message, or voice phone call. Bullhorn is built-in to Catalyst, so no third party contracts are required, and always includes unlimited messages, making costs predictable. Bullhorn enables users to:

  • Send unlimited emails, text messages, and phone calls to contacts
  • Distribute messages to individual contacts, groups of contacts, or teams from recovery plans
  • Record custom audio messages for phone calls – rather than using text to speech
  • Track messages and their current status
  • Link notifications to a related incident

Live Incident Management
Catalyst’s live incident management functionality provides an online location for business continuity teams and stakeholders to collaborate and share information about a disruptive event in real-time, including announcements, situation reports, details regarding planned meetings, and more. Further, this functionality is tightly integrated into Catalyst, so users have complete access to recovery plans, communications tools, contact lists, and other resources stored in Catalyst.

In addition, the live incident management capability automatically creates a log of actions, similar to a Facebook timeline, so users can instantly see the latest updates from all teams!

Catalyst makes business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning easy and repeatable for every organization, regardless of size, industry, or geography. In addition to the new features above, Catalyst offers policy and procedure development, business impact analysis, risk assessment, recovery strategy definition, plan development (business continuity plan templates – business and IT), exercising, and general program management.

30-Day Free Trial
Explore the full version of Catalyst for 30-days. Registration takes less than 60 seconds, and no payment information is required.

About Avalution Consulting

Avalution is a leading provider of business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting and software solutions for organizations in both the public and private sectors. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), Avalution is an ISO 22301 firm and maintains a contract on GSA Schedule 70.

In addition to Catalyst, Avalution offers an enterprise level business continuity software solution based on the simplicity of Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The Planning Portal provides highly customizable tools and processes to assist in managing and executing the full life-cycle of business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs. Solutions address analysis, planning, awareness generation, exercise planning, notification, live crisis management, and continuous improvement.

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Courtney Bowers | 866.533.0575