Avalution Opens European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

Brian Zawada, FBCI Brian Zawada, FBCI | Oct 30, 2017

Avalution EuropeFor over 12 years, Avalution has been laser focused on business continuity, and, until recently, Avalution delivered consulting services and supported our Catalyst SaaS solution with resources based solely in the United States. We’ve become the leading provider of business continuity software and consulting in the US – working with 13% of the Fortune 100, including the largest American organizations in seven different industries.

We’ve become well-known for delivering business continuity services that are connected to the strategy of the business, pragmatic, and reliably delivered.

In August, we expanded into the European Union by opening a new office located in Dublin, Ireland.

Our key goals with this move are straightforward:

  • Better serve our EMEA clients and business partners, as well as better serve our North American clients’ international interests through cost-effective consulting service delivery;
  • Better support our software clients and resellers in EMEA with local resources; and
  • Add an international perspective and insight to our business continuity and information security products and services.

We’re excited to be joined by Elaine Tomlin, who joined Avalution to set-up and manage our EMEA business. Elaine lives and is based in Dublin, Ireland, and her background includes delivering internal and consultative services in the business continuity and compliance professions. Elaine brings with her over 13 years of business continuity experience and specializes in analysis and creating strategy-connected resilience solutions. Elaine was elected to the Board of Directors of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in 2015. In addition, Elaine has been appointed by the BCI Board to the role of Chair of the BCI Risk & Governance Committee.

We’re also excited to be part of the Irish and EU business communities. Ireland became the obvious choice as it has emerged as THE geography of choice for world-class businesses seeking expansion in the European Union. The team of local business partners we’ve selected to work with have been outstanding, and have lived up to Ireland’s professional, high-performing, and business-friendly reputation each and every day.

Elaine and our global team will continue to provide three key differentiators in the EMEA region:

  1. Strategic First: We build business continuity and security programs from the top down, considering our clients’ most important and time-sensitive products/services and business processes, and addressing all stakeholder obligations and expectations.
  2. Simple and Actionable: Risk management products and services are in a rapid state of maturation, evolving on the global stage based on an increasingly-interdependent global economy and cross-boundary threats. However, our unique talent is taking the complex and simplifying it into actionable steps to further the strategy of our clients. Our work will result in real improvement to your risk management posture.
  3. Reliable Execution: Our global experiences and problem-solving techniques influence each and every program design and strategy recommendation. Additionally, working with us is easy because we actively manage the project and always keep you informed. Our project management process ensures no surprises. As we have for over twelve years, we’re so confident in our ability to execute that we guarantee our global service delivery!

Our EMEA business will continue the delivery of the services currently offered from the United States, including:

If you’re looking for a global perspective on business continuity, or simply want to learn more, please contact us today!

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Office: +353 1 536 3299  |  [email protected]
Level 1, The Chase, Carman Hall Road, Sandyford, Dublin, D18 Y3X2, Ireland


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