Avalution Releases Emergency Notification Surveys and Expanded Customization Features for Catalyst Business Continuity Software

Cleveland, OH – April 16, 2015

Avalution Consulting – the leading provider of business continuity consulting and software solutions – announced today the release of two new features for the Catalyst business continuity software suite – Bullhorn emergency notification surveys and the ability to further customize Catalyst by adding new fields.

Bullhorn Emergency Notification – Surveys

Bullhorn emergency notification enables users to quickly and easily connect when it counts by sending emergency notifications to internal contacts via email, text message, or voice phone call – all from just one screen. The new survey feature empowers users to take polls and get answers to urgent questions, fast!

  • Conduct a survey via phone, text message, and/or email
  • Survey individual contacts, groups of contacts, or teams from recovery plans
  • Track survey responses, view summarized results, and take action

Bullhorn is built-in to Catalyst, so no third party contracts are required, and always includes unlimited messages and surveys during a declared incident, making costs predictable.

Customization – Add Your Own Fields

Catalyst enables users to customize the user experience, including customizing labels, modifying the help text provided in the on-screen guides, and reordering and hiding fields. With this release, users can now add fields throughout the tool.

  • Add a field to any section of the tool, at any time
  • Specify the field name, select the data entry type, and populate the help text – all on one screen
  • Save and automatically update all items in the selected category with the new field, regardless of when it was created
  • Utilize the Bulk Import/Export capability for all custom fields

Complete Business Continuity Planning Solution

Available in Basic, Pro, and Enterprise versions, Catalyst makes business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning easy and repeatable for every organization – regardless of size, industry, or geography. In addition to the new features above, Catalyst offers policy development, business impact analysis, risk assessment, recovery strategy definition, plan development, automatic program metrics, exercising, live incident management, emergency notification, and more.

30-Day Free Trial

Explore Catalyst Pro for 30-days. Registration takes less than 60 seconds, no payment information is required, and you can cancel at any time. It’s really that simple!

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About Avalution Consulting

Avalution is the premier provider of business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting and software solutions. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Avalution is an ISO 22301-certified firm and maintains a contract on GSA Schedule 70.

Avalution also offers Catalyst, a web-based business continuity software solution. Available in Basic, Pro, or Enterprise versions, Catalyst combines a simple user interface and on-screen guides with Avalution’s consulting methodology to make continuity planning easy and repeatable for every organization. No long-term contracts are required, and a 30-day free trial is available via bccatalyst.com.

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Courtney Bowers | 866.533.0575