• A Long Overdue Trend – The Maturity of Crisis Management

    Crisis management is an organization-specific program designed to effectively and efficiently respond to an event, minimize the impact, protect and reassure stakeholders, and prepare for recovery. Although the concept of crisis management is not new, business continuity…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Apr 26, 2007
  • Effectively Delegating Business Continuity to the Business

    Ask any manager in business today what his or her biggest challenges are and it’s a fair bet that you’ll hear resource constraints in the top two or three. Unfortunately, additional responsibilities seldom bring additional staffing. In…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Apr 09, 2007
  • Designing a Business Continuity Training Program to Maximize Value & Minimize Cost

    Can management rely on a business continuity program if employees are unaware of their response and recovery strategies? No – and as a result, the time and resources invested in the planning effort are wasted. A properly…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Mar 26, 2007
  • Business Continuity Standards Influencing International Financial Services Organizations

    As globalization blurs the lines between countries and expands business hours from 9 to 5 to 24/7, companies can no longer approach business continuity and risk management as a regional, or even national, endeavor. Instead, business continuity…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Mar 19, 2007
  • Testing Strategies that Demonstrate Recoverability

    You can obtain assurance that your business continuity strategies will work in one of two ways – a test (a.k.a. an exercise) or a real-world event. Without either, no one can state that a business continuity strategy…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Feb 14, 2007
  • Take Your Continuity Program to the Next Level

    Financial institutions, more than any other industry group, spend considerable resources on business continuity planning – and for good reason. Banks are a critical element of our economy’s infrastructure, and as a result, an ever growing body…

  • The Next Wave in Business Continuity Management (part two of two)

    Avalution presents part two of “The Next Wave in Business Continuity Management”, dealing with how to get proactive in reducing availability related risks, and ensuring your continuity program has the highest standards of quality.

  • The Next Wave in Business Continuity Management (part one of two)

    Do you have a business continuity program that includes a BIA, up-to-date plan documentation, annual exercises and maybe even a few training events?

  • Business Continuity As a Proactive Position

    There are certain job responsibilities which are common amongst business continuity professionals everywhere, though these are often influenced by organizational views on risk and approaches to risk management.  In addition to administrative tasks such as presentations, budgeting,…

  • Selling Involvement

    Securing investment by management in business continuity resources is getting easier and easier. Current events, customer demands, regulatory requirements and governance imperatives are all leading executive managers to invest more resources into business and technology recovery and…

  • Pandemic Influenza Planning: We Need A New Approach

    Throughout 2006, all of the major news outlets consistently published information on the upcoming pandemic.

  • Podcast: The Risk Assessment Executives Are Begging For!

    This session was recorded live at the Continuity Insights Management Conference, Monday, May 8, 2006, at the Sheraton New Orleans.