• The Next Wave in Business Continuity Management (part two of two)

    Avalution presents part two of “The Next Wave in Business Continuity Management”, dealing with how to get proactive in reducing availability related risks, and ensuring your continuity program has the highest standards of quality.

  • The Next Wave in Business Continuity Management (part one of two)

    Do you have a business continuity program that includes a BIA, up-to-date plan documentation, annual exercises and maybe even a few training events?

  • Business Continuity As a Proactive Position

    There are certain job responsibilities which are common amongst business continuity professionals everywhere, though these are often influenced by organizational views on risk and approaches to risk management.  In addition to administrative tasks such as presentations, budgeting,…

  • Selling Involvement

    Securing investment by management in business continuity resources is getting easier and easier. Current events, customer demands, regulatory requirements and governance imperatives are all leading executive managers to invest more resources into business and technology recovery and…

  • Pandemic Influenza Planning: We Need A New Approach

    Throughout 2006, all of the major news outlets consistently published information on the upcoming pandemic.

  • Podcast: The Risk Assessment Executives Are Begging For!

    This session was recorded live at the Continuity Insights Management Conference, Monday, May 8, 2006, at the Sheraton New Orleans.

  • Solving the Training Dilemma

    Most organizations now consider crisis management and business continuity to be key components of an integrated risk management program. More and more companies are hiring experienced, credentialed business continuity professionals, and many plans are being documented. However,…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Aug 12, 2006
  • New Webcast: Using Technology to Extend the Reach of Exercises

    “Computer Based Training”, or CBT, technologies have been around for years, but the integration of multi-media capabilities is relatively new. Multi-media CBTs, when combined with traditional table-top exercising methods, enables business continuity planners to “test” and train…

  • Leveraging The Pandemic Threat to Mature BCM

    A growing number of organizations (in both the public and private sectors) are looking at the threat posed by the Avian Flu. Nearly every major publication and news outlet has covered the potential impact of a bird…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Jun 26, 2006
  • Practical Pandemic Planning Advice

    By Robert Giffin This week Greece became the first European Union nation to identify bird flu in poultry. As this virus continues to spread across the globe, it’s propensity to mutate into a new strain capable of…

  • The Intersection of BCM and ERM

    As Business Continuity Management (BCM) programs continue to evolve and mature, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes are just beginning to take hold.  The promise of competitive advantage through effective risk management has captured the attention of executive…

  • Business Continuity – It’s Now Mainstream

    On September 18th, President Bush delivered an address to the nation that was packed with comments that are very familiar to business continuity professionals, but are rarely presented to the general population by a head of state.…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | May 12, 2006