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For years, the primary IT disaster recovery strategy option was to back up data to tapes and recover systems using shared hardware. Using this strategy, systems would not be recovered for days! Today’s IT professionals know that this strategy is no longer viable in most organizations, but staying on top of the technology wave seems impossible! Avalution helps IT organizations identify the most cost-effective and modern recovery strategies that meet the business’ most aggressive recovery objectives.

  • Doing Business In A Technology-Dependent World

    The business’ reliance on systems is rapidly increasing, while their tolerance for downtime is simultaneously decreasing. But how can IT balance desired recovery objectives with realistic recovery capabilities?

  • Meeting Half Way

    Often-times, the business impact analysis (BIA) delivers very aggressive recovery requirements with a lack of communication regarding the justification behind them. Or, worse yet, a BIA is skipped altogether. Avalution specializes in assisting IT organizations in communicating effectively with the business and understanding real recovery requirements.

  • One Size Does Not Fit All

    In many organizations, a “one size fits all” approach to IT DR capabilities is no longer realistic or cost effective. Different systems require different strategies due to their differences in critically. Avalution assists organizations with defining the appropriate tiers and designing the appropriate solution for each tier. Using this approach, Avalution ensures your organization will not overspend on unneeded capabilities, yet is adequately protected from disruption.

  • How Can We Help With Your Disaster Recovery Efforts

Tired Of Being Sold?

We don’t sell hardware, nor do we have an agenda – other than getting you the best strategy for your money. Most importantly, we won’t try to “sell” you on anything. Our goal is to objectively present a variety of options and cost considerations to enable your management team to make a decision.

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