Does Your Business Continuity Program Measure Up?

Does your program align to stakeholder expectations? Are you fully in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements? What about standards, competitors, or professional best practices? Not sure? That’s okay, we can help!

  • Utilize Our Experience

    We have many clients that reach out to us for an independent program assessment. Most have all the right program elements, but need an objective eye to check for gaps, opportunities for improvement, and to provide a road map for moving forward. Our team works with organizations of all sizes across all industries. We’re familiar with all preparedness-related regulatory requirements and standards (we’ve even helped write a few!), and know how to implement mature business continuity programs that align to management expectations and drive continual improvement. So, let us work with you to develop a road map for success.

Avalution Has You Covered!

Our team will work with you to identify where current-state business continuity and IT disaster recovery capabilities fail to meet expectations (based on business impact analysis and risk assessment results, as well as customer expectations and management input). These findings enable the identification and selection of business continuity and IT disaster recovery strategies to address gaps and minimize risk.

If your organization has to comply with regulatory requirements, we’ll conduct a program analysis to identify any areas of non-compliance and provide detailed suggestions on how to correct the issues in the most pragmatic manner possible. These findings will assist you in passing regulatory examinations the first time, saving you the time, money, and frustration of having to develop and report on remediation plans.

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