Proactive planning to protect your business during a disruption

Avalution helps businesses of all sizes, from small companies to many Fortune 500 organizations, develop and implement business continuity programs.

Customized Business Continuity Programs

Whether your organization is new to business continuity or you’ve been planning for years, we can work with your team to build a program that is pragmatic, long-lasting, and aligns with your business strategy. Considering the life-cycle of the program, we’ll go through the methodology needed to build a customized program from scratch.

  • Frame

    The initial scoping conversations allow us to get a solid understanding of how customers use your products or services, your risk tolerance the competitive landscape, and your short-term and long-term business strategy. We’ll engage senior leadership and other key team members within your organization to establish goals and objectives to ensure the program we design aligns with your needs.

  • Develop

    We document the policies, procedures, and framework necessary to connect a business continuity program to your organization’s specific needs. We will charter a steering committee, comprised of senior leadership, to facilitate governance and ensure the program will perform in an efficient, repeatable manner. This governance structure drives the planning process and long-term continual improvements, ensuring the program stays connected to the organization and the key activities required to sustain the program.

  • Analyze

    We will perform a business impact analysis (BIA) to identify your organization’s most important activities and resources, and then quantify the impact of downtime should they become unavailable. We get this information, firsthand, by interviewing key people within your organization. We typically execute a risk assessment in conjunction with the BIA, which allows us to determine and analyze business risks that may affect your ability to deliver core products and services.

  • Strategize

    Once we identify the most critical resources and activities your organization needs to enable the continued delivery of products or services, we design response strategies that outline how to continue operations under any circumstance. We work with you to develop a response and recovery framework and identify the strategies that fit in the context of your organization. Our goal is to make sure you can continue to meet the expectations of your most important stakeholders.

  • Document

    Once we identify what strategies are appropriate and what a successful response looks like, we document these strategies as plans. Our consultants develop focused and actionable plans that describe how your organization will respond, recover, and then operate in a contingent mode until returning to normal business operations. Avalution specializes in creating various types of plans, including: Crisis Management and Communication Plans, Business Continuity Plans, and IT Disaster Recovery Plans. Our plans are designed to address resource-loss scenarios, ensure repeatability, and support decision making during a disruptive event.

  • Train

    Plans are only as effective as the people who use them. We thoroughly train your staff on the procedures and run through practice exercises so there is zero guesswork when a disruptive event occurs. Bottom-line, our training helps ensure that your team knows where to go, what to do, and when to do it.

Every Organization Needs A Plan

The consulting experts at Avalution can design and implement a substantive and actionable business continuity program to protect the best interests of your organization.

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A pragmatic, straightforward approach to create actionable business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs that protect the key products and services.

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