Be Successful, Train Your Team!

An organization’s ability to successfully respond to and recover from disruptive events directly correlates to the effectiveness of their business continuity and IT disaster recovery training and awareness programs. Avalution will help you succeed!

  • It’s Game Time, And No One Knows What To Do!

    Business continuity is a key component of an organization’s risk management program; however, employees (ranging from executives to the general employee population), partners and customers are often unaware of the existence of the program. Management can’t rely on a business continuity program if key stakeholders are unaware of their roles and responsibilities in the response and recovery effort, and, as a result, the time and resources invested in the planning effort are often wasted.

  • Maximize Value, Minimize Cost.

    When done right, business continuity training and awareness programs have the potential to deliver significant value across the entire organization. Our team has successfully developed training programs with the objective of introducing emergency response, crisis management, and business continuity processes in one clear, concise training module. We’ve built programs that address evacuation, accountability, first aid, crisis communication and recovery – without jargon and utilizing scenarios that the organization has or may experience.

We’re Ready. Are You?

We’re ready to help you develop and implement a customized training and awareness program that will increase the knowledge, skills, and competency among your employees, partners, and customers, and help your organization succeed when faced with a disaster – all without breaking the budget! Are you ready to start the conversation on training? Let’s go!

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