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Avalution Team Avalution Team | Sep 19, 2018

This quarter, we’re thrilled to be releasing the newest feature for the Catalyst business continuity software suite – Catalyst Control+Comply.

What is Catalyst Control+Comply?

We know that business continuity, information security, compliance, and risk management program managers (among others) are required to address a wide range of standards, best practices, regulatory requirements, and other obligations, with a focus on meeting internal and external stakeholder expectations. To help alleviate the stress of juggling so many requirements, Avalution designed Control+Comply to help your organization (anyone with a role in managing a compliance function, including, but not limited to, the business continuity program) efficiently organize, assess, and manage what we call “families of controls” to address the multiple, often overlapping, obligations common in today’s risk landscape. Through documenting controls and testing conclusions, Catalyst summarizes compliance obligations in the most pragmatic manner possible and provides meaningful and actionable insights into your organization’s risk level, maturity, and compliance status with the ability to tailor the results to multiple audiences. Because Control+Comply is within Catalyst, it automatically connects to its management system functionality, allowing control gaps to feed directly in to the corrective actions module.

Practical Use Case

Take, for example, Joe Smith. Joe is a Business Continuity Program Manager for a large financial services organization with a presence in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Joe’s organization must meet multiple regulatory requirements (including, but not limited to the FFIEC and FSA requirements), but his organization also chooses to align to both ISO 22301 NFPA 1600. Because of the mandatory regulatory requirements and the standards Joe’s organization subscribes to, this means Joe must manage controls for over 300 individual requirements! However, by using Control+Comply, Joe can not only track all of the different standards and requirements he must meet, but he can easily map individual controls to multiple, overlapping requirements – significantly decreasing the complexity and time required to meet his obligations and report on his current controls and controls testing results. This leaves Joe free to invest more energy in improving his program and engaging the business, leading to a more resilient organization.

Next Steps

Interested in Control+Comply? You can learn more and contact our team here.


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