Beyond Prevention: Comprehensive Solutions To Address Evolving Risk

Traditional information security programs focus most of their resources on preventing cyber attacks. Innovative and forward-looking information security programs acknowledge the inevitability of successful attacks and invest in detection and response. Our consultants will help you be secure and resilient.

Maturing Information Security

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for enhanced information security solutions and increased levels of scrutiny. In addition to assessing your level of cyber maturity, our experienced consultants can focus on specific security requirements and implement solutions to address capability gaps.

  • IT Security Scorecard

    Is your information security program aligned to the strategic priorities of your organization? Is the investment commensurate with the risk? Our consultants will help you sleep at night by assessing your program, identifying unmitigated risk, and recommending solutions to remediate findings.

  • Cyber Resilience

    Recent high-profile breaches and ransomware attacks have highlighted the weaknesses of prevention-focused security programs. Comprehensive information security programs require companies to anticipate, detect, withstand, respond to, and recover from all variations of cyber attacks. As a global leader in business continuity and disaster recovery, Avalution can build a cyber resilience program designed to confront 21st century threats.

  • Framework Adoption And Formalization

    Many customers and regulations not only require that companies are secure, but also that they can demonstrate security through formal program assessments. If you have been asked to provide a SOC 2 report or ISO 27001 certificate, Avalution can help implement your program and prepare you for the audit.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Annual penetration tests are no longer sufficient for managing risk. Zero-day vulnerabilities are the new normal and require continuous vulnerability management to identify and address risks before they turn into exploits. As vulnerability scanning software costs continue to decline, ongoing vulnerability management is becoming more viable for most organizations. In addition to performing one-time assessments, Avalution can help you implement a sustainable vulnerability management program.

  • Data Discovery And Classification

    Do you know your data? While data is a valuable asset, it can also carry considerable cost. Many organizations are surprised to learn about the level of sensitive structured and unstructured data spread throughout their systems. Understanding where data resides and flows throughout the enterprise is the first step towards protection. Our automated tools will help you classify and quantify the risk associated with collecting and storing sensitive information.

  • Third-Party Risk Management

    Are your partners protecting your data? Third-party risk management is an essential security component. Whether you are tasked with building a program or responding to a request, our consultants will make sure you get it right the first time.

  • Cloud Security Assessment

    Moving to the cloud does not shift risk; it merely transforms it. AWS, Azure,, Dropbox, ShareFile, and Office 365 are just a few examples of cloud platform and software services that have distinct client control considerations that, if not configured securely, can expose your enterprise to a significant level of risk. As a cloud software provider, Avalution’s consultants are experts in cloud security and can help you gain comfort that your cloud is secure.

  • WEB Application Vulnerability Assessment

    You finally moved from SSL to TLS. But, are your sites built using secure coding standards to prevent cross-site scripting and SQL injection? Code reviews just scratch the surface – our consultants will find the hidden vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to compromise your most important web-based applications.

  • Logging, Monitoring, Detection, and Response Capability Assessment

    Can your security staff identify and respond to an incident before it becomes a breach? Having a SIEM is no longer enough; you need the right mix of people, processes, and technology to account for all potential attack vectors. Our security professionals can help you architect a sustainable program for detecting and responding to threats.

  • Social Engineering Assessment

    Phishing and vishing are still some of the most effective means for compromising security. While technological solutions for combating these threats continue to evolve, employee awareness and training are still essential tools for preventing social engineering attacks from succeeding. Our phishing lab can simulate real-world attack scenarios, assess your organization’s diligence when confronted by an attack, and provide in-line training to violators.

  • Next Generation E-Mail And security Solutions

    Awareness and simulations are a must, but next-generation tools also exist for mitigating cyber risk. We’ll help you combat the most common cyber-attack vectors with the right mix of solutions to ensure that your people are educated about risk and protected when something slips by.

Information Security Solutions For 21st Century Threats

Don’t leave information security to chance. Avalution’s experienced consultants can help you understand exactly where you stand and decide if your risk exposure aligns to your organization’s risk tolerance.

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