New Feature Release: Enhanced Insights Reporting

Avalution Team Avalution Team | Dec 10, 2018

The Catalyst Team is excited to announce the release of Insights Reporting, an enhancement to Catalyst’s world-class program management reporting feature, Insights. This enhanced functionality takes Catalyst’s existing, industry-leading capability, expands it, and makes it even more flexible, supporting your complex business continuity and IT disaster recovery reporting requirements, whether they be internally or externally driven.

Feature Design

Insights Reporting was designed to use Catalyst’s hallmark user-friendly interface to assist you in conducting an in-depth analysis of your program and enable you to answer the following critical program management questions:

  • How are we doing?
  • Am I compliant?
  • What should I be working on?
  • What’s changed?

By using Insights Reporting to answer these questions, you will not only be able to demonstrate that your organization is performing required activities, but you will also be able to quickly and clearly understand whether or not your program is improving the organization’s overall ability to respond to and recover from a disruption.

Feature Highlights

Some highlights of Insights Reporting include the following features and reporting capabilities:

  • Catalyst Reporting Dashboard
    A home page comprised of your most important and frequently-accessed reports displayed in easily digestible graphics.
  • Program Assessment Reporting
    Content that summarizes the current-state status of your program, your status compared to preparedness targets, historical program status, and upcoming planning events.
  • Risk Reporting
    An index of all existing, identified risks, as well as a risk register that allows you to graphically display risk data.
  • Program Capability Reporting
    A summary assessment of your current capabilities, as well as a summary of each product and service’s critical path, which provides a listing of activities and resources with requested, committed, and proven recovery time objectives.
  • Change Management Reporting
    Dynamic reporting that allows the program manager to understand what has changed in Catalyst and the downstream effect of those changes.

Next Steps

Interested in learning how Insights Reporting can help you improve your program?

You can learn more and contact our team here.


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