Rethink Your Argument Approach to Resiliency!

Rob Giffin Rob Giffin | Dec 10, 2012

Have you ever recommended additional redundancy for a process, department, or facility, only to be told that your organization couldn’t afford it or have the project repeatedly delayed until next year? I have. It’s pretty common in our profession.

Casey Haskins and Peter Sims recently wrote an article that you should consider a must read (and so should your senior leadership team responsible for continuity). It may just provide the viewpoint needed to help your organization be more resilient.

Read Article: The Most Efficient Die Early

If you only have a moment, here is the key passage:
“A healthier approach [to running an organization] also means managing acceptable losses. That’s different — and, ironically, much safer — than trying to prevent failures altogether, by over-relying on past data to try ‘managing’ risks that are inherently unknowable. We need to see those losses not as failures but as investments in the future. To succeed, we have to make it cool to fail in the right places, as long as it’s recoverable, and as long as we learn from the failures and adjust.” Continue Reading


Robert Giffin
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