White Paper Release: Our Path to Business Continuity Certification

Cleveland, OH – May 8, 2012

Avalution Consulting — a leader in business continuity, continuity of operations planning (COOP) and IT disaster recovery consulting, outsourcing and software solutions — announced today the release of their latest white paper, Our Path to Business Continuity Certification, co-authored by Stacy Gardner (MBCI), Managing Consultant, and Christopher Burton (AMBCI), Senior Consultant.

“Certification is only for large organizations.”

“Certification is too expensive and doesn’t add enough value.”

“There are too many standards; why should we put forth the effort to be certified to just one?”

If you’ve ever considered certification to a business continuity standard, it’s likely these thoughts crossed your mind at some point. Certification to any standard — not just business continuity-related standards — can prove to be a time and resource-intensive effort that can result in questions, concerns and skepticism from stakeholders throughout an organization. Similar to any initiative with an organization-wide impact, certification requires management commitment and support, a strong business case, personnel time, and financial resources in order to achieve success and deliver long-term value, so it’s important to research up front whether certification makes business sense for and would be successful within your organization.

Authored by Avalution’s Business Continuity Management System Leader and Coordinator, this white paper identifies methods that can help an organization assess the benefits of certification using first-hand internal experiences, as well our experience in helping other organizations successfully achieve BS 25999-2 certification. The white paper offers a chronological narrative that clarifies the general certification process and provides “tips and tricks” for a successful business continuity management system implementation and certification.

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About Avalution

Avalution Consulting is a U.S. based firm that specializes in business continuity, continuity of operations planning (COOP) and IT disaster recovery consulting, outsourcing and software solutions for organizations in both the public and private sectors. Avalution is a participant in the BSI Americas Associate Consultant (ACP) program, and in May 2011, officially achieved certification to the BS 25999 business continuity management standard.

Avalution also offers a complete business continuity software solution based on the simplicity of Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The Planning Portal is web-based business continuity software that delivers an easy-to-use set of tools and processes to assist in managing and executing business continuity, COOP and IT disaster recovery programs. Solutions address analysis, planning, awareness generation, exercise planning, notification, live crisis/incident management and continuous improvement.

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