Risk Assessment

  • 9 Tips for Business Continuity Management Success

    Business Continuity Management (BCM) is vital in preparing and protecting business operations from disruptions caused by threats stemming from cyber-attack and natural disasters, as well as resource unavailability such as building loss, technology loss, staff absenteeism, and…

    Elaine Tomlin, MBCI Elaine Tomlin, MBCI | Feb 09, 2018
  • We Just Did a BIA and Gap Analysis… Now What?

    How to Perform an Effective Business Continuity Strategy Identification and Selection Effort Reader Note: This article is a continuation from Avalution’s November 2014 article titled: We just did a BIA and Risk Assessment … Now What? How to…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Apr 27, 2015
  • Risky Business (Part 1): Managing Third-Party and Supplier Risk

    Business continuity planning is inherently cross-functional with a necessity to address risks to an organization’s product and service offerings, as well as the resources necessary to meet obligations.  As organizations increasingly rely on a global network of…

    Avalution Team Avalution Team | Sep 25, 2014